Let Every PMET job go back to a Local PMET

Yesterday, I was looking at the EBRC report. Currently, there are 2.954m Singaporeans eligible to go to the polls. That means are are above 21, some of them are still mugging in the Polys, some in the 6 or 7 Unis – NUS, NTU, SMU, SUTD, SIM, SIM, etc – spread across the island. Amongst the 2.954m population there must be enough Local PMET to fill majority positions help by EP. What’s needed is a targeted systemic approach.

Every year, X number will graduate and enter the workforce. Every single one of them must fill a position in whichever sector they have studied in. For a start, if you have graduated from Mass Comm, you become eligible to replace the EP who’s pass is expiring this year. The EP will not be renewed. If there’s no EP expiring this Year, as a Local PMET you’ll be deployed & employed in the organisation that has an EP expiring at the earliest date. Your salary will be funded 70% by MOM, 30% by the Employer. If you don’t take up this offer, you’ll not be eligible for future government assisted employment schemes. As a Local PMET and fresh graduate, your 1st job should always be in your field of studies. After 3 years, if you decide to leave the industry, you may do so. By then, you’re still below 30, still young and mobile. Then another EP may want to apply for your position but again the priority will be given to a Local PMET grad. The Local PMET position is secured before he graduates. In fact, his posting is already confirmed upon graduation.

For the mature Local PMET, as long as there is relevant vacancy that suits your field of study, skills or experience, you’ll be eligible to fill the next EP position that is expiring. Similarly, your salary will be 70% paid by MOM. Then when the EP expires, you take over his position. You’ll be responsible to mentor our Local PMET when he joins the organisation.

This exercise will go on until all the 189,000 EP positions as of Jun 2019 are replaced. Through this strict regime, I’m sure we can find employment for all our currently unemployed PMETS! 
This would definitely be For You, With You…would it not?😄😄

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