Moral responsibility of Civil Servants

Civil Servants sitting in top positions of Government Agencies or Stat Boards need to have a very strong sense of moral responsibility.

They need to know that the Civil Service serves the Citizens, not any political party. Where a policy that is going to be implemented or policy changes are made not in the best interests of Citizens, they must stand up for the Citizens.

They must be bold enough to point out to the Ministers if the policies or changes are short-sighted or put Citizens in hardships. Imagine, if in the 1970s someone had advised & managed to convince our MM Lee that stopping at 2 policy will be detrimental in the long-run. Today, we may not face a declining birth rate or short of Locals to work.

Ministers are Civil Servants too, more so the need for them to have an ever greater sense of moral responsibility to us Citizens.

When we speak up & speak out for our country…it can only be for our own good! We must remember our National Pledge to build a Democratic society based on Justice & Equality to achieve Happiness, Progress & Prosperity.

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