PSLE – 15% Difficult Questions 85% Get The Marks Questions

Based on a CNA report the number of difficult questions in any PSLE paper will not be more than 15% of the entire paper.

Credits: CNA article 15/7/22

This is necessary because in the words of the Dir-General of MOE: –

“Yet we cannot shield them from all the difficulties and setbacks that they may face in life. Tests and examinations, just like sports or arts competitions, are some early opportunities for us to teach our children about courage, and having the resilience and determination, to work towards our goals.” 

CNA report 15/7/22 Ms Liew Wei Li, MOE.

Well at this gives parents some assurance that the balance 85% of the marks are still up for grabs for their children to make it to Achievement Level(AL) 1. If your child practice for the subjects well enough, there’s a good chance of him/her scoring AL1.

Does that mean that a quota will be placed on how many students can achieve AL1? Not to worry, MOE has mentioned that there’s no quota or limit on how many students can achieve AL1.

So, boys and girls, go for it. As long as you practice and revise thoroughly, 85% of the marks are for you to grab! Perhaps, a bit of the other 15% too if the marks don’t elude you.

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