Degree needed for Driver’s position

Questionable Job Advertisement

An alert netizen had recently come across a most questionable & strange job ad. You can read about the job ad here.

The implication of such a job ad is: –

1. Local job applicant without degree CAN’T apply.  The ad is discriminatory against those without a degree in relation to the job as a driver. Either that the job title is put wrongly.

2. If there’re No applicants, the company then has a very good reason to say that they can only employ foreigners to be a Driver. But is that truly the case?

It’s not true that none of our Locals don’t want to work as Drivers. As long as the pay is right, there’ll be Local applicants. 

Do you think this job ad should be reported to MOM & TAFEP?

The ad in MyCareersFuture

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