Should children be sent to nursery school & kindergarten or only kindergarten?

A netizen shared with us an interesting conversation he had with a grandmother. The grandmother shared with our netizen that while she wanted to care for her grandchildren and even teach them in their English & mother tongue, it was met with objection by her children, the parents of her grandchildren.

Grandparents & grandchild

The parents think that it’s better to send their children to nursery school so that they can socialise, have friends and get educated at the same time. However, she doesn’t think so and here are some questions to ponder about: –

  1. children are of the same age in nursery school, what can they possibly learn from each other?
  2. children need to socialise and have friends, much like adults too. Can this be done when children go to kindergarten?
  3. with technology and a proliferation of learning materials on the Internet these days, can an adult such as our better-educated grandparents teach their own grandchildren, at least at the nursery level?
nursery class

If we think the above are true and possible, what are the implications?

  1. reduce in demand for nursery school places and teachers – which may not be bad thing if presently there is an acute shortage in teachers required in the early childhood education sector
  2. reduce in family expenses as nursery school fees are not an expense item in a household since children are not in nursery school
  3. increased bonding between grandparents, parents and children – a 3 generation bonding that is more robust and rich.

However, some changes in the way of our thinking may be needed for the above to happen. What do you think they are?

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