Where is HK Jumbo Floating Restaurant now?

We have read the news that the iconic HK Jumbo floating restaurant had shut down for good after making losses due to a spate of incidents in HK.

Firstly, it was the Pro-Democracy protests that inflicted damage to HK’s economy and reputation as a safe and prosperous city.

Secondly, it was COVID-19 that struck in the Year 2020, much like what it did to the rest of the country round the world.

Thirdly, HK’s SAR in line with Motherland China’s zero-tolerance policy on COVID-19, dealt a prolonged and deadly blow to outdoors dining in HK.

The floating restaurant was towed away from HK towards an unknown location. Unfortunately, it was reported to have met with yet another natural calamity – severe bad weather – after it had sailed into the South China Sea. It then sunk.

The latest news, good or bad, is for you to decide, is that it has not sunk but only capsized.

The question in everyone’s mind was where?

Read more about the fate of HK Jumbo restaurant here to find out where the capsized floating restaurant is now.

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