Singtel data breach in 2020 saw 129,000 customers’ records stolen

Singtel, the national telco of Singapore, had admitted that its IT network was hacked resulting in the loss of 129,000 customers’ data that were stolen in the Year 2020.

It also revealed that the NRIC number, name, date of birth and addresses of these customers were stolen. Additionally, there were 28 former staff who had their bank accounts and 45 staff of a corporate customer had their credit card details stolen too.

Singtel also reported to the Stock Exchange of Singapore that its Australian subsidiary Dialog Information Technology database had also been hacked. Dialog is an IT services company based in This resulted in almost 1,000 former and current staff who had their identities stolen. About 20 companies were also affected by this cyberattack.

Surely, Singtel must have thought or done an IT audit check on Dialog Information Technology before investing money in it. Investigations are now on-going to find out how this cyberattack was carried out.

Read more about the case here

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