Is there a link between private schools that admit foreign students based on very low or lax standards and criteria?

Usually foreign students are admitted for further studies in an educational institution based on a certain set of results – including achieving a minimum English standard. This is to ensure that these foreign students are able to understand and appreciate what they are learning. More importantly, they need to grasp the principles and concepts of what they are learning, and to apply them.

A netizen has brought to our attention that some private schools are doing just that – accepting foreign students without them having to pass or take an IELTS exam. What does this mean?

An IELTS exam is a test of the student’s ability to understand and speak proper English. This is especially important if the course materials and lessons are conducted purely in English. This would ensure that students reap the maximum benefits from the courses that they are taking.

In addition, it was also mentioned that the school fees are cheap (see picture below). How cheap is cheap? We all know for a fact that cheap means probably the least or minimum quality for a product or service. What does this mean for the quality and standard of the courses offered by such private schools?

Going by the post of this private school, it is inviting foreigners to study in SG on paid internship plus job opportunities. What is being offered to the marketplace?

Now, the marketplace is offered foreign students on paid internships with low standards in English and being taught courses which are cheap in fees. It looks like the whole scheme of things is working on the Cheap.

If we look at this scenario from a broder and wider perspective and if this practice is to be accepted, it will be perpetuated on the word Cheap. Eventually, this will flow through if these internships are offered full-time job opportunities working on S Pass – since the post claimed to be able to provide Job Opportunities.

In time to come, where will the overall marketplace standards be? Is it too much to hypothesise then with the market being offered Low and Cheap standards, SG will head down the slippery road of decline and poor standards?

The consequences are when a customer service staff answers you over the line, you may need more time to communicate and understand the staff. When guests are served in restaurants and hotels, you may not feel that SG is not a first world developed country because the staff do not speak proper English. What does this paint of a picture of SG?

Ultimately, the question to answer is how such practises by private schools actually contribute to the development of SG as a world class city? Are they lifting up the standards of SG or lowering them?

If the marketplace were to continually accept working candidates on the Low and Cheap basis, what implications are there for the experienced working adults with well spoken English?

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